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Friday 17 June 2016 |
Tips, SEO
I am often asked how to find out what people are asking which is usually as a result of me wanting a client to produce some FAQ for their site.


Friday 3 June 2016 |
Tips, SEO
When searching on Google, did you know that you can use some simple commands to help with your search results? Try using a minus symbol and a plus symbol to exclude or include a word or phrase from your results.


Wednesday 27 January 2016 |
Tips, SEO
Does it matter if the main content area contains lots of links to external domains and few links to other pages on the same domain? Does it degrade the quality of that page?


Wednesday 30 September 2015 |
Tips, SEO
How to improve the SEO of CGBlog by creating post specific SEO titles.


Tuesday 18 August 2015 |
Tips, SEO, Sponsorship
Many people over the years have asked me how do I do keyword research and SEO. When I first started out in this business it was a case of using a dictionary and thesaurus, yes really!


Monday 3 August 2015 |
Should I use sitemaps in Webmaster Tools (Search Console) even though I only have a handful pages on my website?


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