Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is another very important tool that needs to be implemented wisely and used effectively. A well planned email marketing campaign can reap great rewards and reach an audience that might otherwise be inaccessible.

MailChimp is our preferred platform but we can just as easily work with others if required. The A/B split tests allow us to test various elements of our e-shots before committing to the full distribution.

#Tip - We often try different people's names in the form field as well as trying different subject lines.

Using intelligence gained form PPC and SEO we can determine the best phrases to use throughout the emails, testing call to actions and conversion phrases.

Throwing a well-designed emailer into a list and thoughtlessly distributing it is not the way to create effective campaigns.

Hitting the target

Who is your target audience? Is your set up B2B or are you seeking end users? This can make a huge difference to the timing and indeed the content. Our campaigns are strategized and planned out and once the first run has been sent we can analyse and refine. Our best results come from working and testing to find the 'sweet spot' regarding send times and content.

MailChimp software

Eshots Plain? Let Us Excite You

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Who is your target audience and what are you hoping to achieve from your emails are the main questions we ask before settling on a strategy. Some campaigns may be set up to deliver a series of emails and others may be better suited to “a one off hit” at a particular time. Did you know that working an email campaign in conjunction with your SEO and PPC can bring much greater rewards?
Design and Create

Design and Create

If your email campaign looks awful with its images all over the place and it’s difficult to read your results will suffer. A well laid out mailer with easy to follow instructions should be the basis for any design. Company branding is also vital, your logo and style guide should be followed on all externally available content. Using A/B testing we optimise your design to increase conversions.
Tracking and Acting

Tracking and Acting

Our platform of choice is mailchimp. It offers excellent tracking and allows us to tag up all the elements of the email and to analyse the results. There is always a follow up plan in place and completing the circle brings superb results. We see an email campaign as an important part of our marketing and we gain intelligence to reuse throughout the project as well as drive conversions.

Email Marketing Testimonial

Bert Taylor - Ningbo Furniture "The email campaign has been a revelation, we regularly walk into the office and find enquiries and orders which have been generated from the emailer. Placing different products in the mailer and working with our stock is perfect for helping to control our enquiries and sales pipeline."