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Sigma Web have developed a system that is so effective that a Paid Search Agency took it on board and now uses the system for their own training programme. Our SEO and internet marketing knowledge, combined with our PPC experience has helped to produce an excellent PPC service.

  • The quickest way to present your business or product to millions of potential customers
  • Superb return on investment for well setup campaigns
  • A perfect partner to your natural or organic listings
  • Target your ad exposure to within a few miles for maximum penetration

The best way to significantly lower the click costs is by using a PPC professional.

It is fair to say that most people with a basic understanding of computers can probably set up a PPC campaign to some degree. However, setting up a truly effective campaign is so specialised that without specialist help, many businesses come unstuck in this area. An experienced Pay Per Click specialist will know how to avoid high click charges as well as being able to reduce an overall spend whilst still significantly increasing conversions.

Google Certified Partner

With a Sigma Web Ltd Cost Per Click specialist you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your account will be managed by a Google Adwords Professional
  • A range of small, very targeted campaigns for a tight budget or a full PPC campaign with thousands of key phrases
  • Analytics linked correctly for accurate goal and conversion tracking
  • Monthly reporting on performance of key phrases and ad groups etc.
  • New key phrase discovery for use further in PPC and your Organic SEO

 Do you already have PPC running but results are underwhelming?

You may have a campaign running based on a few thousand phrases that once delivered a good Return On Investment (ROI) but is no longer providing the quality of results you require.

Why not take a look at what Google says about its AdWords system with this Basic Beginners Guide to Paid Search.(pdf download 1.3mb)

PPC rules can sometimes change and it's possible that your current campaign hasn't been adjusted to adhere to the new rules. Would you like someone to take a look at your current campaign and point you in the right direction? Derek Booth our AdWords Professional can provide some advice – Please call us now.

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Display Advertising and Placements

The content network as it used to be known, is now a completely different prospect. If you haven't recently used display advertising you are potentially missing out on a lot of traffic.

The choices include image ads, dynamic ads and text ads and they can be placed using keywords, topics, placements and remarketing. As with all advertising, testing is absolutely crucial - what works for one sector will likely need adjusting for another.

There is a common misconception that a service based or lead generation website will not perform as well (when it comes to advertising) as a typical ecommerce site – this simply isn't true. Even if your website doesn't feature a long list of products or a shopping cart system, you can still take advantage of the AdWords intelligence.

One of our network partners provides excellent graphical work, fully optimised for display advertising.

As a full service digital agency we can provide the strategy, content, know-how, delivery, promotion and management of all your online marketing needs.

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Google AdWords

Managed Account

Your account will be managed by a Google Adwords Professional.

Targeted Campaign

A range of small very targeted campaigns for a tight budget or a full PPC campaign with thousands of key phrases.

Shopping Campaigns

Fully optimised shopping feeds are linked and served through your AdWords campaigns. Further campaign optimisation brings even greater results.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics linked correctly for accurate goal and conversion tracking, monthly reporting on performance of key phrases and ad groups etc.

Key Phrase Discovery

New key phrase discovery for use further in PPC and your Organic SEO like local SEO Liverpool.

Paid Search

Paid Search

Using Google to promote your business is a great way to immediately present your advert in front of millions of users. The AdWords system has been developed and updated over the years and the most popular part of the service is the paid search. This is when a user enters a specific search term into the Google search box and a set of results are returned. The styling of the results has certainly changed and new features have been added to the displayed advert, E.g. call extensions, reviews, sitelinks etc but essentially it works in the same way.
Shopping Feeds

Shopping Feeds

Formerly known as Froogle, the Google shopping service/merchant centre now integrates fully with your AdWords account. With options to filter products from your shopping cart feed, the shopping campaigns are now very powerful as a part of your paid marketing strategy. At Sigma Web we optimise your feed at source and via the way your shopping campaign is set up so we can maximise your exposure with minimal cost.
Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing Campaigns

When deployed intelligently you can reach similar visitors and previous web site visitors with various marketing strategies. Remarketing is sometimes called "second chance" marketing with the advertising aimed primarily at people who have already visited you or a similar web site. It’s a fantastic way to reach visitors who have also visited your competitors and while you have them, make the most of it and offer them a discount!