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Creating and promoting a brand now usually involves the internet and the traffic that the internet delivers is often broken down into three common categories: Organic traffic, Paid traffic and Social media traffic.

At Sigma Web we like to sensibly blend all of these promotional activities together and create a cohesive plan which ensures that everything is heading in the same direction.

Working on just one of these traffic avenues can of course yield some results when done correctly but we believe that there are far more benefits when merging the various kinds of marketing together. Further, even more significant results can be yielded when this intelligence is shared and re-worked into future campaigns.

Using a variety of tools and services our internet marketing campaigns evolve and become more effective as we learn and gather more intelligence. For example, when using paid search we often discover new key phrases and test out advertising copy. The results often highlight the best call to action key phrases which are then re-used in emails, SEO and web content.


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Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

Whilst there are other search engines available, in 2015 and in terms of organic SEO, we are usually only interested in Google. Being top in the SERPS (Search Engine Results PositionS) is the main goal of any SEO campaign. There are many facets to an SEO campaign and organic traffic (whilst often associated with Google listings) isn’t simply about optimising a website.

There are many other considerations, including email marketing, paid search, content marketing, social media and brand advertising. Using analytics and visitor behaviour patterns, Google looks at more than two hundred different algorithms to create its SERPS and these include the engagement (how a visitor has interacted) on your website.

Content marketing has become a skill in its own right and the best copy writers can achieve excellent results in search engines. Using a style of writing which compliments Google's Hummingbird algorithm helps to expand the reach of your content.

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Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

The most common part of any paid traffic campaign is the Google Adwords service. Within Adwords there are sections for search, display, re-marketing, shopping and more. Google updates this paid service on a regular basis, moving with the times and allowing it's users to make the most from any device they may be using such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is by far the most popular term used to describe paid traffic and this also covers other forms of advertising such as LinkedIn, Facebook, SiteScout etc. Adwords has by far the biggest reach and is certainly the most popular tool but this popularity means a higher level of competition and of course higher costs!

We also use the Google advertising network for discovery and competition research. Advertising costs money and making the best use of the entire PPC data we have available is what drives the ROI (Return On Investment) up and helps to make our campaigns more cost effective.

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Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

The way in which Sigma Web is set up means that very often our Email marketing tends to work hand-in-hand with our Social Media strategy. The techniques we use are similar and they both complement each other very well in terms of style and key phrases. E-shots are timed carefully and also often linked to a B2B campaign so we release emails to support and complement posts. Previous results have shown that this is a technique that improves conversion and open rates.

Tying up the social accounts and improving the bio or “about us” section also helps with credibility and brand strength. Alerting Google to your activities is a great way to maximise exposure of your social commenting.

Our social media work is based around a consulting process where we set up the technical side (to ensure everything is connected and working properly) and help to guide you through the strategy we want to employ. Responding to comments in the correct manner is extremely important and time management must also be taken into account. We can help you structure your campaigns to best suit your business profile.

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