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Friday 3 June 2016 |
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Some useful Google searching tips

When searching on Google, did you know that you can use some simple commands to help with your search results? Try using a minus symbol and a plus symbol to exclude or include a word or phrase from your results.

Just click the links and you will see what is in the search box.

  1. A normal search for a ‘watch’ -
  2. I really want a ‘digital watch’ -
  3. I really don’t want a ‘digital watch’ -
  4. I don’t like ‘Timex’ digital watches -
  5. I really like ‘Tag’ watches which are not digital -

Here is a live example of what I was saying about good a Google search is and how you can often assume a site doesn’t have what you are looking for.

I am looking for a Tag watch from the ‘Aqua racer’ range.

Go to Goldsmiths and use their search box to search for ‘aqua racer’ and you will see ‘No Products Found’ -

How can this be, I am sure they sell them!

It is because the range is actually ‘Aquaracer’ and not ‘Aqua racer’, the space in between the two words destroys the search results. Try it all one word for a much better result -

When I just search ‘aqua racer’ on Google I can see Google knows what I wanted. and I can also see Goldsmiths listed yet I couldn’t find the watch range when I searched using Goldsmiths own search box.

If we use the site command we are using Googles search intelligence instead of the sites -

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