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Full Service Digital Agency Chester (SEO, PPC & Web Design Experts)

Are you looking for a change of direction with your on-line marketing?
Are you tired of waiting for SEO results from your full service digital agency?
Fed up of being told your website isn't Google Friendly?
Do you worry when Google releases a new algorithm or an existing update?

At Sigma Web we offer a transparent marketing service with references and a track record that speaks for itself.

According to Google (Google results are crucial for online businesses), we are currently the number one SEO company in Chester.

It all starts with your website (make sure it is fully responsive as you don't want to fall foul of the mobile first indexing when Google updates its algorithm)

Almost all modern businesses have a website and a company’s website is usually central to the marketing strategy.

This is how you inform customers of your services and products, it is how you keep them up to date with your latest news and offers, it is how you sell your products using an ecommerce system it is how you attract new customers to your business.

A business website:

  • Google Friendly & Fully Responsive
  • Appropriate web design for your sector
  • Informs customers of your services and products
  • Keeps customers and clients up to date with your latest news and offers
  • Helps you to sell your products using an ecommerce system
  • Can attract new customers to your business
  • Can give your company a global reach as well as targeting your local audience

If you want to grow your business online, you need to ensure that the website that is built is right for your specific business (there are many different types of website). From choosing the most appropriate domain name and the most suitable hosting platform to selecting the best content management system (CMS) and ecommerce set up. There are many factors (beyond actual on-page content) that will determine where your website will appear in search engine results.

Analysing Results & Web Site Traffic

Once your website does start to attract visitors:

  • How do you know who they are?
  • What pages have held their attention?
  • When do they visit and how long are they on your site for?
  • What device (PC, mobile, tablet) or browser are they using to view the site?

In addition to ensuring that your website is actually visible and appearing in search engine results, we can also answer the above questions. We will provide you with monthly reports illustrating just how your website is performing and then plan the next targets accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Results

SEO is the way of presenting your website in such a manner that search engines find your web pages and index then correctly and effectively in their databases or, put simply, optimising your website for search engines. For example, optimising your website for a location based phrase is a good technique for those local service based websites.

Local SEO - Google Pigeon Algorithm Update

When searching the web, Google now feels that there are certain types of search queries which work more effectively with a set of local results, including maps of the local area and business location. The Pigeon update brought web and maps closer together along with some other ranking signals and it is now possible to rank locally for some generic key phrases.

Ecommerce SEO - Maximising your exposure for products

We take a slightly different approach when it comes to online stores as these websites tend to be structured differently, with many competitor sites selling the same product. Using our technical SEO expertise and some excellent content writing we are able to achieve high rankings for many products within an ecommerce website.

Please complete the contact form to make an enquiry about any of the Sigma Web internet marketing services.

PPC Agency - Google Adwords Professionals

Are you thinking of changing your marketing agency or maybe looking for more from your PPC campaigns? We have been setting up and expertly managing Pay Per Click campaigns for many years and via our Google AdWords Professional Derek Booth we offer a free consultation.

As a full service digital agency we are perfectly aligned with almost every online marketing project using our specialists to ensure your project receieves the attention it deserves, are you 'serious about success'?

Google Certified Partner

PPC Testimonial

the Marketing Brain

the Marketing Brain

After several years of development of a concept and many hours of programming and testing we have finally placed the Marketing Brain into Alpha. The key word research software has been tested internally within our agency and has also been client tested with a few select projects has proven to be a valuable tool as part of any marketers toolbox. Here is a sneak preview of one of the screens.
For further information please contact us using the form on the side or by visiting the Marketing Brainthe Marketing Brain

Tel: 0845 643 4635

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