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Monday 8 May 2017 |

An Ode to SEO

A little bit of fun with a short poem one of our content writers.

Searching, ever searching, searching for something to find

Unless it is a googlewhack - more than one of a kind

Number one of course is the Holy Grail, many have tried and failed

But if you can crack the top 10 at least, you might still make a sale

Competition is crazy with a mighty (South American) river in the way

Then to hurdle Wikipedia and swerve around Ebay

Now safely on the home stretch with content surely king

A plagiarism penalty awaits with its long-tail sting

Try, try and try again – creation is not enough

You’ll need a slice of fortune to avoid the keyword, keyword, keyword stuff

Slap on some social media, shout out to all your friends

Don’t forget to abbreviate B4 the 140th character ends

The budget’s gone, you’ve been a busy bee

Is that my website still on page 23?

Let’s have another look and do the algorithm dance

BOLD and italics will get them in a trance

In come the heavy hitters with the H1 tags

And a sprinkling of magic to speed up all the lags

The pay per click is perfect, the keywords now sublime

You’ve cracked the code, you’ve won the day –

You’re on page 29!

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