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Friday 28 August 2015 |

SEO Chester, or should that be local SEO

We are increasingly being asked to provide local services for clients. Many businesses are only interested in traffic from within a certain radius, in other words local.

We have been providing a local SEO service for a long time now, just as another part of what we would normally offer. Since Google keeps changing the way it looks and feels, many people have a completely different perception on their marketing. They feel the need for specific ‘Local SEO’ services. *UPDATE: Pigeon Algorithm July 24th, 2014

To keep inline with demand, we have introduced a marketing plan which caters for this specifically.

In our sector the term maybe ‘SEO Chester‘ as opposed to ‘SEO’, a business in Wrexham would obviously be looking for ‘SEO Wrexham‘. If you try these search terms in Google you will see completely different results. Local SEO is the answer.

Why not give us a call on 0845 643 4635 and see if we can help.

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